“When it comes to creative thinking, brainstorming and finding new directions, there isn’t a stronger partner than Gariné. In meetings she can unleash a flurry of new ideas and yet takes the time hear everyone out, always pleasant to work with and fair, while being results-oriented and grounded in our real-world impact.
If I ever had the opportunity to do it again, I would want to have Gariné on my side.”

~ Wayde Robson
Web Marketing Specialist


“I was quickly impressed with Gariné’s initiative, drive and deep understanding of the dynamics of online media.
She has strong online production skills, combined with a creativity and ability to vision that together to produce
top quality online properties and content. Left to her own devices, Gariné can take a notion and turn it into a
high-performing, first class production that delivers the targeted audience. She’s a pleasure to work with.”

~ Bram Lebo
Publisher, The Highlander


“Gariné is a delight to work with. She gets the nuance of business and the sensitivities involved in covering the stories she does. She treats sources with great respect and she treats her readers to compelling insights.
Her stories are a must-read for industry insiders. I’ll continue to follow Garine’s coverage of the business
of marketing and new media – or wherever her pen (or keyboard or touch screen) takes her next.”

~ Phyllise Gelfand
VP, Communications, Postmedia Network


 “Gariné was a pleasure to work with. She brought great journalism and web publishing experience to her team, and her passion for travel writing allowed her empathize and communicate very effectively with her online audience. Gariné was a true team player, always willing to jump in with her enthusiasm and wonderful ideas at any moment. She was a great multi-tasker, a superior writer and producer, and a true asset to her team.”

~ Anna Fleet
Writer, Editor